De Beers Releases their New Collection, ReSet Collective

Harnessing the power of creative collaboration to show the positive impact our diamonds make.

We believe that every natural diamond has the potential to make a positive impact.

We invite you to discover ReSet Collective, a collaboration between five jewelry designers with a passion for natural diamonds and sustainability, who travelled to Botswana to follow the journey of a De Beers diamond.

Indira Scott modeling some of the DeBeers ReSet Collective

Five unique designers, Five one-of-a-kind pendants, one special collaboration for a better future.

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Colby Shergalis, a senior vice president at De Beers Group, recalled a 2019 event hosted by Neo Masisi, the First Lady of Botswana. She asked a room full of jewelry designers if they’d ever visited a diamond mine. “Very few hands were raised,” Shergalis says. “We saw it as a tremendous opportunity to connect designers with where diamonds come from.”


The 5 Designers out in Botswana, for De Beers: ReSet Collective

She organized a trip to Botswana to educate designers about De Beers’s practices, introduce them to the people involved in their supply chain, and generally help the designers become more informed and confident about sourcing. “We wanted to connect designers with the communities and places where our diamonds come from, so they could see how we are “Building Forever” [De Beers’s roadmap for sustainability and ethics], and the impact it’s having,” Shergalis adds. “Building these connections is vitally important. Now more than ever, people are resetting and elevating their expectations, and they’re looking for meaningful connections with both people and the planet. We all want to know where the products we buy come from, and that they’re not only doing [less] harm, but are actively doing good.”

Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock, Jennie Kwon, Jade Trau and Zoë Chicco travelled to Botswana to follow the journey of a De Beers diamond and see first-hand the impact these incredible gems have in the areas where they are found. Each with her own story, style and personality, these artisans are united by their passion for designing jewelry, a love for natural diamonds and their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Inspired by the people they met and the beautiful landscapes and wildlife they witnessed, each member of the collective has designed a unique pendant with De Beers diamonds.

These one-of-a-kind pieces will be sold by Sotheby's, with proceeds donated to Stepping Stones International, a charity that unlocks the potential of vulnerable children and youth in Botswana, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the premier legal organization fighting for racial justice in America.