eBay & the Chicks with Kicks Launch One of the Largest Sneaker Auctions in the World!

On Monday, March 29, Florida-based sister trio Chicks with Kicks hosted one of the world’s largest sneaker auctions with eBay as part of the online marketplace’s new program to help empower female sneakerheads.  To any normal person, 2,000-plus pairs of shoes could last well over a lifetime. However, for Ariana, Dakota, and Dresden Peters, it’s only a fraction of their actual collection that was started even before they were born, thanks to a “sneaker-obsessed” father and growing up around sports. To learn more about their collective appreciation for the footwear type, NYLON chatted with the Peters to discuss all things sneakers, from what pair started their love for collecting to holding their own within the industry.

35th Anniversary Adidas Superstar collection

Ariana, Dresden and Dakota Peters are the sisters behind a more than 6,000-pair collection that includes thousands of Nike Air Force 1s, Air Jordans and several rare prototypes of sneakers designed for elite athletes and A-list celebrities.  The women originally inherited the collection when it was nearly 5,000 pairs of sneakers from their father, Douglas Roy Peters, about eight-and-a-half years ago. Douglas Peters, a 55-year-old retired real estate developer, is an obsessive collector who had been amassing the collection since the early ’80s.

“I think we’ve all taken on a love for sneakers,” says Ariana, 26.

Since taking over the collection, the three women have continued to buy and collect even more sneakers and they now estimate it is worth more than $2 million.  The collection had been hidden from the public eye for more than 30 years before Dresden, 23, convinced her sisters to post a few sneaker pics to Instagram in 2015.

The Peters say those initial posts, and the fact that three young women now owned what’s likely the largest collection of rare kicks on the planet, attracted the attention of sneaker publications all over the world.

Nike Airforce 1's limited edition kicks on display at the Chicks with Kicks warehouse

“I think we kept the collection to ourselves for so long that we kind of forgot about the sneaker world that’s out there — we were, like, in shock,” says Dakota, 20.

The sneakers are still being auctioned off today, though many of the items originally listed have been sold.  You can find their listings at https://www.ebay.com/str/thechickswithkicks