TikTok Celebrating When Women Win with their new Women’s History Month Campaign!

In 2021, to celebrate Women’s History Month, TikTok celebrated “the incredible women who use their strength, intelligence, and creativity to make a lasting impact on the global TikTok community and beyond. Through LIVE programming with popular creators and public figures, partnerships, community activations, and a TikTok-style telethon, they put a spotlight on this diverse community who show the incredible progress that happens #WhenWomenWin.”

Using hashtags such as #WhenWomenWin, #ThankstoHer, #HerStory, #SheEarnedIt, and #GetThereTogether, users can share their unique stories about being a woman in this day and age.

@chrissycanthearyou using sign language to celebrate women

TikTok also used this month-long campaign to shine a spotlight on female creators and promote female-owned businesses.

Using features such as livestreams, some of the community, “including creators, artists, and celebrities, shared their stories and experiences on topics such as mental health, body confidence, careers, sports, and much more.”