Lauren Daigle's 'Thank God I Do' music video wins 2023 video of the year!

Lauren Daigle's soul-stirring anthem, 'Thank God I Do,' has taken center stage at the 2023 Dove Awards, securing the prestigious 'Music Video of the Year' accolade. Beyond a celebration of Daigle's musical prowess, this achievement is a testament to the collaborative brilliance that brought the music video to life.

The visual journey of 'Thank God I Do' unfolded under the artistic direction of Caleb Mallery. Mallery's creative brilliance and directorial skills not only added depth and visual richness to the music video but also harmonized seamlessly with Lauren Daigle's powerful vocals. The resulting masterpiece stands as a testament to Mallery's ability to translate emotion into a captivating visual narrative.

Behind the scenes, the magic of the award-winning music video was meticulously shaped by the hands of Zwick Post's Senior Editor, Jon Rouzier. Rouzier's editing finesse played a pivotal role, complementing Daigle's vocals with a layer of storytelling that resonates deeply with the audience. This achievement underscores Zwick Post's unwavering commitment to excellence in every project.

Lauren Daigle performs at the 2023 Dove Awards.

Lauren Daigle's Message on the Global Stage:

In the spotlight of the 2023 Dove Awards, Lauren Daigle utilized her platform not only to express gratitude but also to address the ongoing crisis in Israel. Her words echoed a message of humility and purpose:“Don’t look at me, look at Jesus. I am just so thankful. When they say it takes a team, I really mean that. I wouldn’t stay grounded if it weren’t for the people around me who say, it’s not about you, this is about God. This is about Jesus. My first Christian song I ever wrote was called ‘Shine.’ And I just wanted to leave you with this - God put a light inside of us so we may go out into the world and shine before others so that they can see His goodness. So whatever you do from this moment forward, do it for the goodness of our God, for the glory of our God.

”So as the echoes of 'Thank God I Do' reverberate through the halls of the 2023 Dove Awards, it's more than a triumph for a singular artist; it's a symphony of collaborative brilliance. From Caleb Mallery's directorial vision to Jon Rouzier's meticulous editing, the award-winning music video encapsulates the essence of artistic unity. Lauren Daigle's message amplifies this unity, reminding us that the power of creativity extends beyond accolades— it's a beacon of light, a call to shine for the goodness of our shared humanity.